Weak people be like 

"OMG he stared at me a second longer than other people do. He was DEFINITELY thinking transphobic / homophobic / cisphobic whateverthefuckphobiayoupeoplehavenowadays thoughts!"

The number of eye rolls I’ve done in the past day 

I just got called a “cishet scum" on youtube????? 

You people need to stop with being so weak and thinking everyone is attacking you. 

I commented on a youtube video with the surprised caption of “Oh fuck you’re a girl” because I’ve never heard of bottom surgery before and thought why a guy would want bottom surgery? And what exactly was bottom surgery for a gay guy? But it took me a while to realise that he was actually biologically a girl on the outside. 

And people took my surprised comment to think “[I] made a transphobic remark.” When I’d explained in the comments that I now acknowledged  him as a he after I came to realise he was transgendered. 

Don’t hate on what u don’t understand. Or put someone down… Karma.. He’s mah hommie and HE .. is a HE… show a lil respect.. if you disagree don’t watch his videos”

you obviously didnt at first. You made a transphobic remark, cishet scum”

First of all, I’m gay. And I understand the struggles of all the LGBT people so don’t tell me to stop hating on things i supposedly “don’t understand.”And secondly, I live in Thailand. We have the highest rate of transgendered people and people in the process of changing into their true identity so IT’S FUCKING NORMAL TO US.